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These 10 original songs were written from 2013 to 2020.
When working on these tracks I wanted treat the original recording with great respect to the arrangement and style, while still adding my vibe.
Fortunate Son - I'm not sure how CCR's WILLIE AND THE POOR BOYS got in my album collection, but I loved this album as a kid. "Down On The Corner" got a lot of loud airplay in my room and then I'd turn the vinyl over and "Fortunate Son" would get cranked up even louder. That's right about the time that one of my parents would stick their head in the room while I was playing air guitar and yell "Turn it down!"
Spanish Moon - Little Feat was one of the bands that I really liked when I was a kid. Their sound was totally unique, combining elements of rock, funk, soul, jazz, and blues. Lowell George wrote so many great songs, but my favorite is "Spanish Moon". It's a song about a guy who rolls into town and hears some music coming from a bar down the street. He goes inside and finds it to be a very rough place. I love how the lyrics tell the story. I hope you enjoy my version of this classic gem.
Free Ride - When Edgar Winter's THEY ONLY COME OUT AT NIGHT album came out, "Frankenstein" was all over the radio. It was a ground breaking instrumental that was HEAVY. Then I heard "Free Ride" and I thought it was SUCH a killer song. The opening riff really caught my ear. All of those vocals sounded amazing. The breakdown with that spooky synth sound was riveting. That Rick Derringer guitar solo was so inspiring to me. Such a brilliant song.
One - In keeping with recording cover tunes, I've recorded a song written by Harry Nilsson called "One". Three Dog Night released their version of the song and it went all the way to number five. This was the version that I was exposed to as a kid. I always loved this song and recently got to meet Corey Wells, lead singer and founding member of Three Dog Night. He was really cool to me and told me a bunch of great stories about how they got started. I let him hear my version and he said he really liked it.
I Shot The Sheriff - I'll never forget the summer of 1974 when Eric Clapton's version of "I Shot The Sheriff" came on the radio and I thought it was the coolest song I had ever heard. I didn't find out until decades later that Bob Marley had written this great song. What an honor for me to record this masterpiece written by such a genius songwriter.
Fire - I released this cover of the song "Fire", written and originally recorded by The Ohio Players. I wanted to record Fire for over 20 years. To me it's the greatest funk song of all time.
No Time - My latest cover is of the song "No Time" by the Guess Who. They were way ahead of their time. I think that the haunting guitar melody in this tune helped push me toward the electric guitar. Click the links above to download if from CD Baby or iTunes now.
Jesus Children Of America - Stevie Wonder was my biggest musical influence when I was a kid. His INNERVISIONS album was my favorite, and his song, "Jesus Children Of America", was the one that I played over and over. I love this song. I am so happy to have been able to record it. It is a real honor to have been able to release my take on this masterpiece.
Rikki Don't Lose That Number - In the summer of 1974 you couldn't turn on a radio anywhere without hearing "Rikki Don't Lose That Number". It just sounded COOL! The song had an emotion that really struck me. I remember listening to how the electric guitar would pop in and out, and how the solo played over these really cool chord changes. Recording this song was a great learning experience for me. Becker and Fagen wrote SO many amazing songs, but this one really got into my musical DNA when I was a kid.
I Just Want To Celebrate - One of my earliest musical influences was a band called Rare Earth. Their song "I Just Want To Celebrate" just hit me so hard when I was a kid. I guess it was the combination of funk and hard rock and the lyrics that are spiritual. I've wanted to cover this one for a long time, and finally I got it done!
This collection of songs was personally selected by me as an example of music that has influenced my style and that has a deep roots in my life. All of these songs have been covered by many artists through the ages, but not quite the way I have have performed them here on DEEP SOUTH. Listen to these clips and you will hear my style add what I think to be a unique twist on all of these great songs.
Review by Classic Rock Music Blog - This CD is solid throughout and Bill is a complete master of a wide variety of guitar styles. I challenge (anyone) to put aside any preconceived notions and also give Deep South a listen. You're likely to be as intrigued as I was following the first few bars of track one...
Review by Sea Of Tranquility - Kudos to Leverty, who simply could have made a mind-numbing instrumental guitar record or, worse, decided to re-record FireHouse songs with his own vocals. Instead, he's embraced his roots and made (Deep South), an album that deserves to be appreciated by open-minded rock fans who see nothing wrong with artists stepping beyond prescribed borders...
Review by Penny Black Music - Bill Leverty's third album, Deep South, is deep stuff. Leverty decided to compile ten unforgettable cover tunes that exemplify southern blues. Leverty has outdone himself...
Released in October 2007, this is my first attempt at an instrumental record. It shows a side of me that that I have been wanting to showcase for a long time. I hope you enjoy this!
Review by Guitar Legend - Overall I have to say that I like (Southern Exposure) a lot, it's definitely a worth buying guitar record which will give pleasure for Firehouse and Bill's fans and also something fresh for guitar heads out there. The combination of Bill's rock-blues stuff with his guitar playing gives a unique and refreshing experience about the album, and as far as I can say this record proves that Bill is a great guitarist who also writes great songs...
Review by Detritus - This is guitarist Bill Leverty's instrumental solo debut, and all I can say after being a fan of his main gig, FireHouse, since 1990 is it's about time! (Southern Exposure) is very much a guitar record in possession of a nice, smooth, fluid style - basically true songs that just don't happen to have any vocals...
Review by Shipwreck Island - Overall Rating: 4/4. If you're a fan of instrumental rock I don't think you will find a better release this year than Southern Exposure. - Jere Fritche
Review by SI Stud - This is an excellent record from start to finish and if you dig instrumental rock music you will indeed love Southern Exposure. - Sean Hollywood
Review by Burrn Magazine - In this album, (Bill) plays very melodically just like he does in FireHouse, giving us beautiful music by showing wonderful guitar technique and talent. You feel his smooth guitar playing through (Southern Exposure), as well as some amazing phrases. - Mr. Tsuchiya
WANDERLUST - Ever since the beginning of my life, I've loved to travel. Seeing new places and meeting new people has been one of my greatest passions. Being in a traveling band has made it possible for me to travel around the world several times, playing the music that I love. So, when it came time for me to put out my first ever solo album, there was no better name for the project than WANDERLUST. Listen to these clips of my very first solo release. I HOPE you'll enjoy hearing them as much as I did recording them.
Review by Trashpit Magazine - Wanderlust takes the commercial melodies of FireHouse but instead of layered sugary choruses it welds them to a cool southern Skynyrd vibe which adds a great blues feel and swing. Taking over as lead singer, Leverty commands the songs well with his gravelly delivery on the title track and easily handles the touching Bryan Adams style of possible mega-hit ballad Anytime.
Review by Nicky Baldrian / Metal News - When you hear the songs you will find yourself getting really into them, the whole record has a fantastic production sound and the songs are extremely catchy and show many influences. I was surprised at how good Wanderlust is, if you're a fan of FireHouse or any style of hard rock then you will love it, check it out all the songs on this album are superb.
Review by RockDawg / Shipwreck Island Studios - (Bill) Leverty adds to his stellar career with his solo debut, Wanderlust, an album that meshes blues, funk, and hard rock and the outcome is some of the finest music to come out this year. Bill Leverty's Wanderlust is a strong contender for Shipwreck Island Studios: Best Solo Album of 2004.
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