Listed here in my Audio Blog archive are all of my blog episodes starting with episode #1 on May 30, 2023. Take your time to browse through them all and listen to them at your leisure. Thanks for visiting the atchive and rememebr to submit your questions and suggestions at the link below. Yours might become a topic of a future Audio Blog!
Episode #7 - In this episode, I talk about the beautiful storm, our show in ROCK Springs, Wyoming with Saving Abel, A day in the life of long travel home, Interview with Derek Signor, The new Dokken Song, Upcoming FireHouse shows, and my favorite amp of all time that my mother drove me to buy when I was 15. Thanks for being here!
Episode #6 - I talk about the Terre Haute,IN and Beaver Dam, KY gigs this past weekend with Winger, Jack Russel's Great White, and Nelson. I also talk about Our Crew, 1:50am Wake Up Call, Skynyrd 1977 Concert Remembered, Upcoming Show in Rock Springs, WY, Tour Dates Later This Year. I'll answer some questions in the next episode. Thanks for tuning in!!
Episode #5 - In this episode I talk about last week's Wild Rose shows in Iowa, our promoter, Gladys Van Dyke, her husband (legendary country artist: Leroy Van Dyke), our former bus driver "Hoot" Borden, our challenging flight home, the new movie "The Sound Of Freedom", upcoming FireHouse shows, and more. This audio blog is about 12 minutes. Thanks so much for your time. Hope to see you soon!!
Episode #4: In this audioblog, I talk about our last 2 shows we did in MS and TX, my recent interviews, the upcoming Iowa Wild Irish Casino and Resort leg of our 2023 tour, and my most memorable tour of the band's early years. Thanks so much for checking in on me. Hope to see you at a show soon!
Episode #3: Bay City, travel day, Bristol Cameo Theater, Grungy, Steve-O and PJ, Yellow jacket's nest, Music genres, Upcoming shows Choctaw, MS with Bret Michaels, Pete Evick, Cedar Park, TX, Mark Hackett of Tonevise, More upcoming shows. Thank you!
Episode #2 of my audio blog. I talk about the last couple of gigs FireHouse has played, the next couple of shows, my gear and my new acoustic guitar I got off Craigslist for $300. Thanks for listening!
Episode #1 of my audio blog. I discuss how the blog will work, a little bit of FireHouse (and personal) history, my new single Hey Mama and my version of The Star Spangled Banner (you can download both on my home page). I close with a few upcoming Firehouse show announcements and our fan VIP Experiences available at most shows!
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More Audio Blogs Coming Soon!
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More Audio Blogs Coming Soon!
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